Its almost been 2 months since the death of my king and father
Im disgusted by the marriage of mu uncle and widowed mother

I hate my uncle Claudius hes an actual asshole
But last night i saw a ghost fly around Elsinore Castle
Het told me hes my dad and he was killed with poison
He asked me to avenge him ofcourse I played along
Everyone told me im mad, but it wasnt no act
Claudius really killed him, and thats a fact!!!!!!!!!!

I organized a play to find out the truth
Couldnt call the feds cuz we aint had no phonebooth
Accidentaly shanked my father in law, that was very cruel
Now i got beef with Ophleias brother, he wants to duel
On my trip to England I discoverd a sealed letter
You men were ordered to kill me but i killed u first so it doesnt matter

Our swords be clankin and slashin, every hit has the audience gasping
I hit him with the up down left right, hes weaker than me and he know that damn right
A succesful slash in the ribs has Ophelius screamin in pain
Im like a bat in the shadows, movin like a fighter call me bruce wayne
If we lived in 2020 i woulda popped yo ass with a sniper
Took Ophelius’ sword after he shanked me i shanked him back
At last i Shanked Claudius right in his big fat chest.
But the blade was poisoned so we all died a painful death.

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